Buying Real Estate Within Your SEP or IRA Account

Many of the real estate searches that we conduct are for individuals purchasing investment grade properties within their self-directed SEP and IRA accounts for investment purposes. These clients are taking advantage of the fact that all gains on real estate purchased through a properly administrated self-directed IRA account are 100% free provided that one does not take distributions from the proceeds until after reaching age 59. This provision in the tax law and our expertise in properly crafting all written documents to meet the eligibility requirements has enabled us to assist many clients with purchasing real estate using funds from their IRA accounts that have oftentimes not kept pace with the consistent, predictable rate of appreciation that Tennessee land has historically enjoyed.

Owning Tennessee real estate with its reliable historical rate of appreciation represents a safe and proven strategy for solid, steady wealth accumulation.  Any well-balanced investment portfolio should include owning real estate that is less volatile than the stock market. We have the knowledge and experience to help you locate a quality investment property that you can enjoy owning.

Avoid Taxes on the Appreciation when Selling Real Estate

If you are considering selling a property and will be facing a taxable gain from the appreciation in value over time, you need to be familiar with an excellent way to avoid that tax liability. We specialize in assisting clients to execute successfully one of the best and only ways to build wealth and avoid taxes—the 1031 exchange.  A successful 1031 exchange allows you to sell a property, reinvest the proceeds into a new property, and defer all capital gain income taxes. The laws concerning 1031 exchanges are exacting, and due diligence is required, but a properly executed 1031 exchange offers tremendous tax savings.  We will gladly navigate you through the process and locate eligible new properties for your consideration, as well as locate buyers for the property that you wish to sell.